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How to Unlock your Samsung Galaxy S3 with an Unlock Code

Samsung Galaxy S3 III

The Samsung Galaxy S3 / S III was by far the most anticipated Android phone of the year, being Samsung’s newest flagship smartphone on the market. Of course you don’t want to be limited to just one carrier with this beast of a phone, so just follow the Unlock Tutorial below to unleash the full power of your Samsung Galaxy S3:

How to Unlock your Samsung Galaxy S3 With an Unlock Code

1) Insert an unaccepted SIM card into your phone (One that is not from the carrier your phone is locked to).
2) You may first be asked for your phone’s PIN code if you have that feature activated. If not, ignore this step.
3) Enter your Samsung Galaxy S3 Unlock Code.
4) Press “unlock” and wait for a moment until it says “Network Unlock Request successful”. That’s it! :-)

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