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Tweet for a Treat: Free Blackberry Unlock Codes for any Rogers, AT&T or T-mobile Blackberry

It has come to our attention that the demand for Blackberry unlock codes are so very high!  As RIM continues to grow exponentially, the demand for Blackberry unlock codes will only grow greater.  Each month, there are approximately 60,500 google searches for “Blackberry Unlock Code” or any variation of that.

Promotion Details:

On Monday, October 5, 2009, at 12:00am EST, Cellfservices will be giving away FREE BLACKBERRY UNLOCK CODES to anyone and everyone who needs their AT&T, T-mobile or Rogers Blackberry unlocked.  This promotional offer will only be valid for a 24 hour period and no requests after 12:00am on October 6th will be accepted.  For all Verizon, Sprint, Koodo, Bell Blackberry users, our Tour and Storm unlock codes will be provided at great promotional prices listed below!

There will be a limit of 1 unlock code per Twitter user.  We ask that users please double check their IMEI as we will not be sending correction codes  for incorrect IMEI submissions.

How do I get my Blackberry Unlock Code for Free?

To avoid the crazy surge of e-mails, we’ve decided to use Twitter to receive requests and deliver unlock codes.  So here’s how it works…

1.) Add us on Twitter – Username: Cellfservices

2.) Check your Twitter for our Tweet when our promotional offer starts.  As soon as the tweet is sent out, mention/reply back to us with the following message… “@cellfservices FREE BLACKBERRY UNLOCK CODES! IMEI: (15 digit imei no slashes no periods) Model: (ex. 8320) Carrier: (ex. Rogers)”

3.) Our operators will then reply back to you with your unlock code.

All of your Blackberry unlocking instructions can be found here after you receive your unlock code via. Twitter

Our non Rogers, T-mobile and AT&T Blackberry unlock code sale prices will be as stated below for a limited time.

Sprint Tour Unlock Code – $35.97
Verizon Storm Unlock Code – 10.97
Verizon Tour Unlock Code – 10.97
Bell Storm Unlock Code – $35.97
Bell Tour Unlock Code – $35.97
Koodo Storm Unlock Code – $35.97
Koodo Tour Unlock Code – $35.97
Non-North American Blackberry Storm/Tour Unlock Code – $35.97

That’s it Blackberry enthusiasts!  Get a headstart and join us now on Twitter!

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18 thoughts on “Tweet for a Treat: Free Blackberry Unlock Codes for any Rogers, AT&T or T-mobile Blackberry

  • Does anybody knows when the BB OS.6 will be released for the 9700?

  • andrew says:

    so if i unlocked my friends AT&T blackberry, could i set it up with verizon?

  • Brad says:

    This was a nice gift on your part. I can only imagine how backed up you were with this offering, but I wanted to let you know I did get my code, followed your instructions, and it worked great. Thanks.

  • Tammy says:

    So will the unlock codes be sent to the users today? Or is there a time frame where we should be expecting them?

    • admin says:

      Since my employees have gone home, it is a one man show until midnight tonight. We’ve been processing for about 7 hours without rest and plan to go all the way. I would say that the latest you will have it is by tomorrow if you are amongst the last users subscribers.

  • david says:

    would you be able to provide MSL code for BB tour?

    • admin says:

      There has been a lot of demand for these. We will soon be offering the MSL codes for Sprint Tours. The Verizon tour is free. We’ve created a post about it already, so feel free to look through our archives.

  • Jon says:

    So why are us Sprint customers getting reemed? $35.97? Really? Verizon is only $10.97 I would say that is unfair.

  • Jimie says:

    I would love to take part in this tweet for a treat, however I am concerned about tweeting my information. Will others see it?

    • admin says:

      Yes. Others will see it. There are ways to make your tweets private in your settings. There’s only 8 hours and 15 minutes left for this promotion!

  • Collin16 says:

    Mike, you can put in your sim card and use either att service or vzw but not both at the same time. In options go to mobile network and then you have the option to switch from CDMA to GSM. You will have to make this switch whenever you want to change carriers.

  • Chris says:

    So if I dont have an ATT service, can I unlock my Tour and buy a prepaid SIM card off ebay and put minutes on that card, or buy a GoPhone from ATT and use that SIM and receive service from ATT on my Tour with that SIM card if I unlocked my Tour? Or do you have to have a monthly account with ATT for it to work?

    • admin says:

      You’re correct. You can use a prepaid sim card on AT&T or any other worldwide GSM network with your Tour. You’ll just have to change the settings to GSM/UMTS and voila. This is particularly useful for people who travel so they can use prepaid sim cards worldwide and avoid the horrendous roaming fees!

  • max says:

    when will we get the reply?

  • admin says:

    Yes. You would have to purchase an unlock code at http://www.cellfservices.com/store/blackberry-tour-9630.html. After you will be able to use your Verizon service, and you will be able to receive calls with your AT&T Sim card by switching your network settings to GSM/UMTS. However, you will not be able to use both simultaneously.

  • Mike says:

    So I am geting a Verizon Tour at work, without phone service- just for emailand internet. I have ATT service at home on my ATT Cell. If I unlock my Tour and insert the ATT sim, can I get ATT phone calls and still use Verizon for blackberry email downloads and internet access?

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