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How to unlock BlackBerry Bold 9000 with unlock code

The BlackBerry Bold 9000 has arguably been Research in Motion’s greatest hit! This phone was popular and was sold by all major carriers of this time including AT&T, Rogers Wireless, Bell Mobility, Vodafone, Orange and T-mobile in the UK. People are still using this phone and refuse to leave from it! In order to unlock BlackBerry Bold 9000, you will need to get your unique BlackBerry unlock code from our unlocking store. If you have already obtained your BlackBerry Bold 9000 unlock code, then you just need to follow the video tutorial above to get your BlackBerry Bold unlocked instantly!

We have made a video tutorial above to help you follow the instructions after you have received your BlackBerry Bold 9000 unlock code. Then you can follow the how to video or the instructions below.

1.) Go to Options
2.) Navigate yourself to Advanced Options
3.) Finally, go to the SIM card menu
4.) Type in the letters MEPD (in capital letters if lower case does not work)
5.) Type in MEP 2. Keep in mind that you will have to hold the alt button down when pressing the 2 button.
6.) You will be asked to enter in the Network MEP Code
7.) Enter in your Bold 9000 unlock code
8.) Press enter and you should receive the code accepted message.

Your BlackBerry Bold 9000 will be unlocked just like that! You will be able to use it on any GSM network carrier around the world as you travel to eliminate your roaming fees or to use on your favorite domestic Wireless service carrier!

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