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How to unlock BlackBerry Torch 9860 or 9850 with an Unlock Code

Top of the morning to you all! Here we have the unlocking video on how to unlock BlackBerry Torch 9860 bright and early! I had a chance to play around with the phone last night and tested our unlocked BlackBerry Torch 9860 with a few SIM cards (Fido, AT&T, Koodo). The phone works perfectly on all of these networks.

The process to unlock BlackBerry Torch 9860 is very much the same as all of the other new BlackBerries running on OS 7.0 including the Curve 9360 and the Bold 9900/9930.  The things that you will need is of course the Torch 9860, a BlackBerry Torch 9860 unlock code and a SIM card that is not from the network where you purchased the phone from.  For example, if you have a Bell BlackBerry Torch 9860, you will need a non-Bell SIM card to unlock your phone.

In order to unlock your BlackBerry Torch 9860, you can start by inserting your SIM card that is NOT from the network that you purchased the phone from. Power on the phone. – Side note: This phone powers on a lot faster than other BlackBerry smart phones it seems. – When the phone completes powering on, you’ll receive a message saying that an unlock code is required to use your phone. Select Yes only if you have purchased your unlock code for BlackBerry Torch 9860. If you select yes and you do not have your unlock code, the number of attempts you have left to enter in the code may begin to decrease and you do not want to do that more than once.  Typically BlackBerry smart phones – brand new out of the box – have 10 attempts to unlock the phone before it becomes permanently locked to its original network carrier. If you have your unlock code, then after selecting yes, enter in the 8 or 16 digit unlock code (depending on the network carrier that your phone is from) and press enter. If you were successful, you will not receive any kind of “Code Accepted” message. Shortly after, you’ll see it connect to the GSM/HSPA SIM card that you had entered.

It’s as simple as that to fully and permanently unlock your BlackBerry Torch 9860! If you have the CDMA world version – BlackBerry Torch 9850, then it follows the same instructions. There’s just one additional step that you have to take. Because the phone is considered a CDMA World phone, it has the capability to operate on the CDMA network that you received the phone from as well as on GSM networks around the world. You must go to manage connections and change the Network technology to GSM/UMTS after you have entered in your BlackBerry Torch 9850 unlock code. You’ll see it connect to the GSM SIM card that you have in the phone thereafter.

You can unlock BlackBerry Torch 9850 from our unlocking store as well by following the link. Good luck to all of you BlackBerry Torch 9860 and 9850 users. You’ve made a fantastic investment by purchasing this phone!

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