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How to unlock an HTC HD2 with an unlock code

The HTC HD2 is one of the many HTC phones that remains to be popular even after several years of being on the market. The phone is best known on the T-mobile USA network as well as hundreds of other networks around the world. The problem that most people face with this phone is being able to use it on other networks. For example, many people from T-mobile switch to the AT&T network and are stuck without a phone or want to use their HTC HD2 device on that network but are unable to.

The Solution:

The solution to this is to unlock HTC HD2 by using a SIM unlock code that will remove the lock which ties it down to the T-mobile network. Below is a video which guides you through the steps and process to unlock this phone. It is important to state that all unlock codes are unique to the device’s IMEI which is the 15 digit serial number which can be found on the back of the phone behind the battery. Sometimes with HTC phones, the IMEI will appear as 17 digits. The last 2 digits normally looking something like / 02 can be ignored as they are not used to calculate HTC unlock codes.

You can purchase the HTC HD2 unlock code from our store and follow along with the video tutorial above if you are facing this problem. The instructions are simple and can be done by inserting the GSM SIM card you are trying to use. If the phone is locked, it will ask you to enter in the SIM unlock PIN. This is where you would enter in the unique 8 digit code to free your HD2 from the network it is originally from.

Note to WIND and Mobilicity Users:

People on the WIND and Mobilicity network are always struggling to find a great phone that works on their network. It is clear to note that WIND and Mobilicity are NOT GSM carriers. They operate on a frequency called AWS (1700mhz). Fortunately, if you purchase the HTC HD2 from the T-mobile network in the United States, this phone is supported to work on WIND and Mobilicity after it is unlocked.

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