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How to unlock HTC Aria with Unlock Code (aka. Liberty, Intruder, A6366)

The HTC Aria was released to AT&T a little while ago, but is still among the top HTC smart phones out there. This phone has also been released to other network carriers all around the world. Common code names that you’ve probably seen for this phone are the Liberty, Intruder and the A6366. In order to unlock HTC aria you will need an unlock code for the phone.   I’ll be using the code names (Liberty, A6366 and Aria) synonymously to cater to those individuals who have this phone from a different network carrier other than AT&T.

In order to unlock this phone, you can follow the video tutorial we have provided above, or follow this simple 3 step procedure.  Keep in mind that every single unlock code is different from the next. Every single cell phone out there has a different serial number called an IMEI.  The IMEI is a unique 15 digit serial number attached to the phone.  The unlock codes are generated based on the 15 digit IMEI for the phone.  When purchasing your HTC Aria unlock code, all we need is the network carrier that your phone is originally from and the IMEI.  You can find the IMEI on your HTC A6366 by dialing *#06# on your device or by looking on the back of the phone behind the battery.  The IMEI typically starts with 35xx….  . After you have your HTC unlock code, you can follow these instructions.  The same instructions will work for any GSM HTC phone.

1.) Insert a SIM card that is not from the same network carrier that your phone is from.
2.) Enter in your HTC A6366 Unlock code provided by Cellfservices.
3.) Press Unlock

And that’s all there is to unlocking your HTC Aria, Liberty or A6366! Enjoy the freedom to travel the world with an unlocked HTC Aria phone and use prepaid as you go with you. Say goodbye to roaming fees!

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