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How to unlock HTC Inspire 4G from AT&T with an Unlock Code

AT&T released their first 4G phone a while back and what a hit it was. The HTC Inspire 4G was released to AT&T a while back and it initially seemed to be an extremely difficult battle to unlock this device. We have however been able to create our own foolproof way to unlock HTC Inspire 4G with the safest method possible – a manufacturer unlock code. The phone is a fantastic phone and as millions of Americans travel out of the country everyday, it is our goal to ensure that you are travelling smart with your wireless device.

In order to unlock your HTC Inspire 4G, you will first need to get an HTC Inspire 4G unlock code from our unlocking store. After you get your HTC unlock code, all you have to do is follow the simple step by step procedure below, or follow our video tutorial if you prefer a visual aid while unlocking your HTC inspire 4G.

1.) Insert a SIM Card from a different network than the network carrier that your Inspire 4G comes from – most likely a non-AT&T SIM
2.) Power on the phone and wait for it to ask you for the unlock code. You may need to slide the Lock screen in order to get this screen to appear (please view video)
3.) Enter in your 8 Digit HTC Inspire 4G unlock code
4.) Press Enter
5.) After it is successful, your phone will tell you that the network unlock was successful. Phone is rebooting
6.) Press OK and let your phone reboot. Shortly after, you’ll see your newly unlocked HTC Inspire 4G connect to your GSM or HSPA SIM Card.

Make sure you travel smart! We cannot emphasize that enough. It’s very important that you unlock your HTC Inspire 4G before you travel to ensure that you don’t get hit with a huge bill in roaming fees. Keep in mind that unlocking your phone will not eliminate your roaming fees altogether, but it is a vital step in doing so. After you unlock your HTC Inspire 4G, you will need to purchase a prepaid SIM card in the country you are travelling to. Since your HTC Inspire 4G will be unlocked, just get your prepaid SIM card and insert it into your Inspire 4G and you’ll be set to go with a local number and you will pay the local rates.

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7 thoughts on “How to unlock HTC Inspire 4G from AT&T with an Unlock Code

  • Tristan Harper says:

    I want to unlock my htc inspire but it alway ask mi for a PayPal card but I don’t have one can I used my visa card ?

  • Victor Levine says:

    After unlocking will I be able to use a pre-paid SIM card in any country or are there some countries where it will not work? For example, I currently travel to countries in Asia (Mongolia, Myanmar, Malaysia). I am able to use local SIM cards with mt Samsung Magnet; will the same be true of the unlocked htc Inspire 4G?

    • @Victor Levine: Yes! Once your device is unlocked, you will be able to use it with any SIM Card from any GSM carrier around the world. Since the Samsung Magnet as well as the HTC Inspire 4G are quadband devices, they will work worldwide without restrictions!

  • vaibhav suwalka says:

    after unlocking the phone we not have to pay at &t monthly

  • Tony says:

    Will you be able to unlock my HTC INSPIRE 4G it is locked to AT&T and I want to use it with TMobile I have tried two other unlock services and I had to wait for my money back for weeks because they failed. How 100% are you that you can unlock my phone.