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How to unlock HTC Sensation 4G with unlock code

The HTC Sensation 4G has been one of the most popular phones on both the Bell mobility (Canada) and the T-mobile (USA) networks. This phone is super fast and styles top of the line technology to ensure that you are making the most of your smart phone. In order to unlock HTC Sensation 4G you will need to get your unique unlock code. HTC Sensation 4G unlock codes are generated based on the unique IMEI attached to each device. From our unlocking store, you will be required to provide us with the IMEI and the network carrier that your phone is originally from. This will allow us to generate your unlock code and send it to you. After you get your HTC unlock code from our store, simply follow the video tutorial if you are a visual learner or if you prefer to read through the instructions before purchasing your unlock code, you are more than welcome to do so.

How to unlock HTC Sensation 4G – Instructions and Tutorial

1.) Insert an unaccepted SIM card – this would be a SIM card that is not originally from the network carrier that the phone is from. It can be active or inactive.
2.)  You will be told that the phone is Network locked. You will need to pull up the ring (slide up the screen) to enter in the unlock code
3.) Enter in your HTC Sensation unlock code
4.) Press enter! You will receive a message that says that your Network unlock was successful and that your phone is rebooting.

It’s that easy to unlock the HTC Sensation. These are one of our fastest processing codes which will ensure that you can get your HTC Sensation unlocked as fast as it can get!

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