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How to unlock HTC Surround and HTC 7 Surround with Unlock Code

As usual, HTC has done a fantastic job in creating the HTC Surround as well as the HTC 7 Surround. For those of you in the United States, you have probably seen this phone from the AT&T Network and if you decided to sign a contract with them, then you probably got a fantastic deal on the phone! For those of you in Canada who happened to pick up an HTC 7 Surround, you probably got it from Koodo and may have gotten the phone for free if you signed a 3 year term with them! Regardless, the great thing about this phone is that it is one of the easiest phones to unlock and one of the best phones to have with you while you travel. Windows based Phones have been increasingly been becoming more and more popular over the years and the HTC surround and 7 Surround certainly do not fall short of that.

In order to unlock HTC Surround or unlock HTC 7 Surround, you’ll need to get an unlock code for your HTC smartphone. Below are the links to our unlocking store where you can obtain either code.

HTC Surround unlock code
HTC 7 Surround unlock code

After you get your unlock code, you can either follow our video tutorial of How to unlock HTC Surround and you’ll be right on your way to having a “SIM Free Unlocked” HTC Surround or HTC Surround 7. If you prefer to take a peek at our written instructions, feel free to read through the simple step by step tutorial below.

1.) Insert an unaccepted SIM Card. This means a SIM Card that is not from the original network carrier that the phone is from.
2.) You will be asked immediately to enter in your unlock code/pin after your phone powers up.
3.) Enter in your 8 digit HTC unlock code provided by our Cellfservices unlocking team
4.) Press “Unlock”
5.) Your phone will go straight to the dashboard and you’ll see your GSM or HSPA network carrier name right on the phone icon.

It’s as simple as that. If you’re not quite convinced that this will actually work, please feel free to check out our video above. The video was made for your enjoyment and ease of use to ensure that you have the safest and easiest unlocking experience when unlocking your phone with Cellfservices.

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