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HTC Radar now easy to unlock with an HTC unlock code

HTC recently released the HTC Radar and cellfservices.com has the unlocking solution available for you here today on our blog. If you’re looking for a free solution, then you’re in the wrong place. The unlock codes that we describe and provide are manufacturer unlock codes which do not require you to install anything on your computer and to get random viruses from downloading fake HTC unlocking calculators. Let me make this simple and frank:

There is no such thing as an HTC unlock code generator or calculator!

In regards to our bold statement above, the reason why we can state that is because we have been in business for multiple years and have been paying authorized vendors to purchase these codes on your behalf. Now if you want to unlock your HTC radar, you can watch our tutorial video which will show you exactly how easy it is and then make your own decision to see if using one of HTC’s most popular and recent phones is in the GSM network of your choice.

If you’re looking to unlock your Radar 4G, then you have probably purchased the phone from one of the popular carriers such as T-mobile, Cincinnati Bell, WIND Mobile in Canada. All you need to do is purchase your HTC Radar unlock code from our unlocking store and you’ll be set to go ready and charged to use your phone on any GSM network.

Good news for Canadian WIND and Mobilicity users

You may have been looking for a smart phone to unlock and use on WIND or Mobilicity, or perhaps you’ve already unlocked a phone and tried and it was a huge failure. The good news about the HTC Radar is that if you purchase the WIND Radar 4G or get the T-Mobile Radar 4G and unlock it, you can use it on any one of these networks (Mobilicity, WIND and T-mobile USA). As most Canadian users have found out, WIND and Mobilicity only support 3G and 4G frequencies which operate on a technology called AWS. This only supports the frequency 1700MHZ on their networks, hence, the phone that you want to use has to have that frequency on it. Fortunately, the Radar from T-mobile and WIND have the 1700mhz whereas all of the other GSM & HSPA carriers such as Rogers, AT&T, Fido, Bell and Koodo do not have it. Any of the phones from the networks listed above will not work on Mobilicity or WIND! Long story short – if you’re looking for a phone to use on WIND or Mobilicity, our pick is the HTC Radar 4G.

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