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iPhone 5 Released: Unlocking Now Available

It’s an exciting time, the iPhone 5 has been released and a lot of people have already got the phone.
Many will end up quickly getting an iPhone 5 from a particular network without thinking it through, so there will be plenty of folk soon realizing that they want to use a different network and then finding out that their phone is locked to the network they got it through. Or there may be a lot of travellers who will need to get SIM cards from different networks depending on where they travel to.

So for all of you, and any others with whatever reason for needing to unlock an iPhone 5, we now haveĀ unlocking for iPhone 5 available in our unlock store.


How to Unlock iPhone 5

1. Purchase the unlock from iPhone 5 Unlock
2. Install the latest version of iTunes and make sure your iPhone is updated to the latest iTunes version.
3. Connect your iPhone to iTunes with a non-accepted SIM card and wait for it to detect your iPhone
4. Disconnect your iPhone and reconnect after about 10 seconds.
5. Your iPhone is now unlocked!

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