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Official Factory Unlocking Solution for iPhone 3G, 3GS and iPhone 4

The news is official! We have fully tested our unlocking solution for the iPhone 3G , 3GS and the iPhone 4. For those of you that are unfamiliar with what I’m talking about, it’s because it’s brand spanking new! We are happy to announce that we able to factory unlock iPhone smart phones!  By factory unlocking your iPhone 3G, 3GS or iPhone 4, you will be able to upgrade to any of the Apple firmware upgrades!

How is this different from a software unlock?

Back in 2007 when the iphone was first released to AT&T, a group of hackers came together to create a software unlock for the iPhone 2G.  They have since been diligent in their work to create updates to unlock your iPhone.  The problem with this is that by upgrading to the latest firmware, you will likely hard-lock your phone.  This means that your iPhone will not even work as an iPod Touch!  The new iPhone factory unlocking service that we provide allows you to upgrade to the latest firmwares and to get the same great advantage of eliminating your roaming fees!  You will be able to use your iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 on any GSM network carrier that you wish without having the fear of upgrading.  Everyone knows that Apple has the best firmware updates out of any manufacturer.

How is this different from Buying a Factory Unlocked iPhone?

Factory unlocked iPhones are definitely a great phone to have.  This means that they come directly from the manufacturer and somehow, people around the world get access to them.  These factory unlocked iPhones sell for easily over $1000 at a wholesale cost and up to $1800 at retail costs.  Why not factory unlock your iPhone yourself? It definitely seems more expensive than the rest of our unlock codes which range between $15 – $50, but the savings from unlocking it yourself and buying one that is factory unlocked will give you a guilt free way of making your next mortgage payment. You will have all of the same features and functions that a close to $2000 factory unlocked iPhone will have at fraction of the cost, especially for those who have purchased an iPhone through a contract.

How to Factory unlock iPhone

For anyone who has purchased an unlock code from our store, you know how easy it is.  Generally, you provide us with the IMEI from your phone, the carrier its from, and the model.  We then send you the unlock code to unlock your cell phone.  Factory unlocking your iPhone is even easier!  All we need is the IMEI from your device and the model of your iPhone.  After we’ve completed processing your unlock code request, all you need to do is connect your iPhone to your computer with the latest version of iTunes.  You’ll be asked if you want to unlock your iPhone, and of course, you will select yes.  You’ll receive a notification like the image above and there you have it.  Your iPhone is unlocked!

Update: http://cellfservices.com/blog/cell-phone-unlocking/factory-unlocking-for-iphone-3g-3gs-4-4s-and-ipad-3g/


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45 thoughts on “Official Factory Unlocking Solution for iPhone 3G, 3GS and iPhone 4

  • Joseph Amponsem says:

    I own an Iphone 4 and i wanna purchase a factory unlocker for iphone 4 with MODEL: MC604Y/A serial no.: 86123VL7DZZ, IMEI: 01 274700 029003 3
    please kindly help me out.

  • admin says:

    @habeeb: That’s very easy: Just go to http://www.cellfservices.com/store/unlock-apple-iphone-4.html to order the Factory Unlock for your iPhone 4. Once your order has been completed, you can simply activate your iPhone with iTunes, that’s it!

  • habeeb says:

    iphone 4 4.12.02 how to unlock

  • admin says:

    Hi, The jailbreak you used is probably incompatible with the version of your iOS. However, please note though that we neither support nor recommend jailbreaking as it voids the warranty.

  • Ken says:

    I have a 3gs 32 gb. It si already unlocked and JB. But when I inserted my SIM card Tmobile, it always appeared NO SERVICE all the time. I tried using many methods but not working.
    Can your software solve it?


  • Naresh says:

    sir my i phone 3gs is already network unlock in market and now i want to upgrade it in latest version but i heared that when i upgrade it through itune it again lock. so please tell me what is the method to parmanently unlock.

  • J C says:

    Hi, I have a T-Mobile Hungary, iPhone 4, with bb 04.11.08, will you be able to have factory unlock code?

  • rich says:

    i have an at&t american iphone4 i need unlocked. how do i send you the info?

  • karthikeyan says:

    hello sir i have iphone 4 ver 5….i need 2 unlock..it has been bought from cannada …and carrier is rogers…! how much it costs….?

  • Fayiz A P says:

    iPhone 4
    IMEI :012655007821496
    Model: MC603B
    Carrier : dont know
    Version : 4.3.3(8J2)

  • Whitney says:


    I purchased a second-hand iPhone 3G 16G from the USA on ebay, but its locked to AT&T mobile. Is it possible to get an unlock code for the phone? if so, how much?


  • Mike says:

    Hi I get iPhone 3GS 4.1 . 06.15.00 . I want to know how much is all this to unlock my iPhone thanks

  • sukhdeep says:

    i have two iPhone4 need to factory unlock, network telstra and optus, country Australia. How?Cost?

  • Apple King says:

    for any iphone factory unlock mail me at iphone.service11 at gmail.

  • amir says:

    i have iphone 3gs lock ineed to iphone 3gs unlock
    modem 6.15.00
    lMEI 012267005942975

  • vatsal says:

    i need official factory unlock sofware of iphone.plz help me

  • om goel says:

    need iphone 4 unlocked

  • sandy says:

    i have iphone 4 need to factory unlock it
    carrier orange uk

  • Muhammad Yaser Hanif says:

    I want to factory unlock my iphone-4. Details are mentioned below:
    Operator: Hutchison GBR
    Country: UK
    Kindly confirm the cost of factory unlocking this iPhone?

  • Daniil says:

    I have iPhone 4 locked with SFR France. i need unlock it,how much it will be cost?
    iPhone is jailbreaked, 4.2.1(8C148), MODEM- 04.11.08

  • stephen says:

    i have an iphone 3gs can u email me so i can send u the imei number

  • SharonD says:

    hi, i have an iphone 3gs locked with At&t. i need to factory unlock it. how much is it. i’m in the philippines.
    version 4.1 (8B117)
    modem firmware 06.15.00
    please reply. thank you

  • jr says:

    Hi, i’ve an 3GS with 5.0.1 from the austran carrier A1, is an unlock possible ?

  • owais says:

    hi i am interested in factory unlock of my iphone 3gs at & t network, is it possible to do pls reply

  • jaimin says:

    i got a I-phone 4
    version 4.3.1 basebands 02.10.04
    network company AT&T(America)

    This phone available to factory unlock?
    If possible, how much unlocking??

  • samir says:

    hi, i just bought a new iphone 3Gs but it needs factory unlock can you help me with this

    best reagards

  • Sabin says:

    I have a iPhone 4 and i want to factory unlock it. Can you please help I don’t know-how to start the process. It’s a 4.1.2

  • silvio says:

    hello, i have a iphone 4 fabricated in 02 sept 2011, company vodafone spain, i want unlock, how?cost?

  • hashm says:

    Sir, I bought iphone 4 white recently. The guy who sold me from craigslist claimed it to be factory unlocked. Unfortunately it isnt and I have no way to put the claim to the seller I bought it from. Please help me if you can get it factory unlocked.. Please please.. you can contact me on my email address n ill respond asap.

  • Mirna Imme says:

    I wish more people would write sites like this that are actually fun to read. With all the garbage floating around on the internet, it is a great change of pace to read a site like yours instead.

  • ajay says:

    hi i need some clarification my iphone 3gs 32 gb is jailbroken at present iam in ios 4.1 new bootrom version 06.15.00 i need factory unlock for my phone the phone is orange uk is it available for unlock how much its cost in indian rupees or uk pounds?

  • Hi Guys,

    unlock your iPhone (4,3gs,3g,2g) permanently using iTunes. Its is official factory unlocking by apple and main advantage of getting your iphone unlocked permanently is, you keep your unlock for forever even if you upgrade to latest firmware your iPhone will stay unlock which is unlike jailbreak. for more information please visit our website (www.youriphoneunlock.com)

  • Blkboayn says:

    Hi Sir,

    I Have iphone4 and would like the factory unlock. Can you let me know how much ?

    Version 4.1, Modem Firmware 01.59.00

    Network is T-mobile


  • Osoto says:

    I have Iphone 3G 8mb, attached to Telcel mex, how much to get it unlocked to use it in canada.


  • singh says:

    hello, i just want to factory unlocked iphone 4 . how much its gonna cost to me

  • sorena says:

    guys can u get ur site up and running again i really need to unlock my phone!!! plz

  • Naveed shahzad says:

    Sir please send you your maling address

  • Marbel says:

    Ok So the link is down for the Iphone unlock and the option is not in your drop down for phone to be unlock does this mean you do not offer this service anymore?

  • byeun says:

    i got a I-phone 4
    version 4.3.1 basebands 02.10.04
    network company AT&T(America)

    This phone available to factory unlock?
    If possible, how much unlocking??

  • Ken says:

    FINALLY SOMEONE CAN DO IT! I just got my iPhone factory unlocked from these guys.

    Rehan: It costs $214.99 on their website and you have to attach a proof of billing on there. I just used my drivers license and blacked out the actual drivers license number (which they say is okay on their site). Took a few days, but I got an e-mail and it said to connect my phone to itunes. Weirdly enough, itunes asked me if I wanted to unlock my phone just as they had instructed. Now I’m using my T-mobile SIM in my AT&T iphone.

    Wicked service Cellfservices! I tested to make sure I could upgrade the firmware and it worked perfectly. Just posted this in my facebook and sent an e-mail to a few friends who were looking for something like this.

  • rehan says:

    dear, iwanna unlock my at&t iphone4 how much price and how i get it

  • rehan says:

    dear, can you tell me how i quikly buy the code
    and how much price