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Tutorial on how to unlock your Palm Pixi Plus with an Unlock code

The Palm Pixi and Pixi Plus were a great addition to the Palm family – which is now owned by Hewlett Packard (HP). The release of the Palm Pixi, Pixi Plus as well as the Pre and Pre Plus have brought Palm back into the smart phone game. The phone itself is one of the easiest to unlock, but please keep in mind that in order to unlock a Palm Pixi (Plus), it must be GSM. The only North American Palm Pixi Plus that is GSM version is the one that is from AT&T. If you happen to have one of these from Verizon or Sprint, then it cannot be unlocked!

To those who have been following our tutorials or have read up on our cell phone unlocking FAQ, then you know that the phone must have GSM technology capabilities in order for the phone to be unlocked. A quick way – although not fool proof way to know whether a phone has GSM capabilities is to check if the phone has a SIM card slot. You can find this by removing the battery from the phone. If there is a little mini tray where a SIM card can be inserted, then it is possible that your phone can be unlocked.

Below is a quick tutorial on how to unlock your Palm Pixi Plus with a SIM unlock code… 


Written Tutorial on How to unlock a Palm Pixi or Pixi Plus

  1. Insert a SIM card from a different network carrier that your phone is originally from.
  2. You will be asked to enter in the network unlock code
  3. Enter in your Palm pixi plus unlock code which can be purchased from our unlocking store.
  4. Press enter and Voila – your Palm Pixi plus will be unlocked forever!

Yes the phone will work on T-mobile after you have unlocked it as well as hundreds to thousands of other GSM carriers while travelling internationally. The phone gives a great bang for your buck and we hope that Palm and HP will continue to release some of these great devices in 2012!

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