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How to unlock Samsung Focus i917 with unlock code

The two major carriers in North America who were able to obtain the Samsung Focus i917 are AT&T in the United States and of course Rogers Wireless in Canada. The Samsung Focus i917 is often compared with the HTC Surround from AT&T. It’s tough to conclude that one is better than the other. Surprisingly, unlocking the Samsung Focus i917 follows the same unlocking instructions as unlocking the HTC Surround. Coincidence? Not at all! The Windows and Android platforms follow these instructions for the most part and you’ll find that the video is a good aid to show you exactly how to unlock Samsung Focus or to unlock Samsung i917. They are exactly the same phone, just some prefer to call it the Focus, while others choose to call it the i917.

How to unlock Samsung Focus i917

1.) You need to insert what we like to call an unaccepted SIM card. This is a SIM card from a different network than the phone is from.
2.) You’ll need to power on the phone now.
3.) After the phone has booted up, you will be asked to enter in your network unlock pin. This is the same as the Network unlock code.
4.) Proceed to enter in the 8 digit Samsung Focus unlock code
5.) Press Unlock and your phone will be completely unlocked instantly.

If you’ve done everything correctly, you’ll receive a message that says something like “Network Unlock was Successful”. ┬áThat’s all there is to unlock your Samsung Focus or Samsung i917. There is literally no technical knowledge required.

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2 thoughts on “How to unlock Samsung Focus i917 with unlock code

  • sivamraman says:

    The unaccepted SIM card was inserted. The phone is not asking the unlock code up on power on.The power on is achieved by pressing the power on button on the top-right. What could be the procedural error

    • @sivamraman: This could have various reasons. The SIM Card being inactive or not properly connected to the phone (dirty pins), the phone not being compatible with the bands used by the SIM’s carrier or already being unlocked are the most common ones. If you got your Unlock Code from us, please create a ticket at our Support Desk so we can help you quickly!