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How to Check if your Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, X10i or X8 are Permanently Locked (Hard Locked)

We see this happen every once in a while and it is a frustrating thing for both our customers as well as for us! People often purchase a cell phone unlock code and when entering their unlock code into the phone, the code does not work. They contact our support team and explain their frustration with the code not working.  We simply put them through a simple verification procedure and find out that their cell phone was hard locked to begin with.  The worst part about hard locked phones for any unlock code vendor is that codes cannot be refunded for them as it is completely out of our control to know whether a phone is a hard locked when someone purchases an unlock code from our store.  This leaves both Seller and the Buyer extremely frustrated.

Hard locked refers to the phone being in a state where it is permanently locked to the original network carrier that the phone is from.  The way that a cell phone becomes hard locked is when too many incorrect attempts are made to unlock the phone.  This often happens when people purchase a cell phone from E-bay or other third party markets/auctions.  Since you are buying a second hand phone, there is always the risk that the user or even the user before the E-bay seller has attempted to unlock the phone multiple times unsuccessfully.

We’ve created a simple Tutorial video above to show you how to check if your Sony Ericsson X10, X10i or X8 are permanently locked to the original network carrier because of too many incorrect attempts to unlock the phone.  The video also shows how to unlock Sony Ericsson X10 after you have checked if it is hard locked.

How do Check if your Xperia X10, X10i or X8 are Hard Locked

Please use this tutorial before purchasing a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 unlock code from our store or an unlock code to unlock Sony Ericsson X8

1.) Type in the following sequence from the lock menu on your Sony Ericsson X10, X10i, X10 Mini, X10 Mini Pro, or X8 device.
2.) Menu => Back => Back => Menu => Back => Menu => Menu =>Back (If this doesn’t work, dial: *#*#7378423#*#* )
3.) Select Service Menu and SIM Lock

You will see a new menu that looks like this:

[x] network 10
[] network subset 10
[] service provider 10
[] cororate 10
[] sim 0

If there is an X beside any of the categories, then it means that you need that specific code to unlock that phone.  Normally, Sony Ericsson phones come only with a network lock as active.  The most important part of this is to view the numbers beside each category.  That number represents the number of tries you have left before your Sony Ericsson device becomes permanently hard locked to its original network carrier.  If there is a 0 beside the category where a lock exists, then it means that your phone is hard locked.

Please check this before purchasing your Sony Ericsson unlock code from our store.  This will only benefit you and help you understand if you need an unlock code for your Sony Ericsson phone.

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