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How to Unlock Sony Ericsson X10, X10i with an Unlock Code

Unlocking the Sony Ericsson X10 and X10i is an extremely simple procedure and does not require any technical expertise in the subject of cell phone unlocking. All you need to do is follow the tutorial above.


The unlock code we use in the video will not work on your phone.  Every single unlock code is unique to the individual IMEI from the phone. The IMEI is the serial number attached to the phone.  There is no phone that has the exact same IMEI, meaning that there are no two phones which will use the exact same unlock code.

Before you purchase your Sony Ericsson X10 unlock code, it is important to check that your phone is not hard locked/permanently locked to the original network carrier. The video tutorial has instructions on how to do this and we have blogged about it in our “How to Check if your Sony Ericsson X10 is hard locked” post.  Depending on the network carrier that your phone is locked to, prices will vary. After you get your unlock code, make sure that you follow our tutorial on how to unlock your Sony Ericsson X10 phone.

1.) Insert a SIM card from a network carrier that is not from the one that your phone is locked to.
2.) You will be prompted to enter in your unlock code
3.) Enter in your unlock code for Sony Ericsson X10 provided by Cellfservices
4.) Press enter
5.) Your phone may reboot after the code is accepted.

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