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Realtime Status for Wholesale Unlocking Services

Cellfservices Wholesale Cellfservices is now providing Realtime Status Updates for all Wholesale Unlocking Services!

The Situation: While the availability of specific Unlocking Services to Resellers is changing all the time without prior notice, customers require fixed ETAs and no unexpected delays. Even the slightest delay can be a deal-breaker even if the actual cause is completely out of the reseller’s control. In the end, the retail customer is upset about the reseller, the reseller is upset about the supplier and the supplier is upset about the source.

The Reason: Given the structural complexity of this business with long chains of suppliers and resellers, unexpected downtimes and delays are a constant issue and currently inescapable due to the lack of fixed market regulations, neither for Unlocking Sources,  Suppliers, nor Resellers. In other words: The whole Unlocking Chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link -> The longer the chain, the higher the chances for a weak link.

Our Solution: Instead of following the common business practice of providing status infos only on request, we went ahead and set up a Centralized Status Page showing all service status informations we have ourselves and share them with all our Wholesale Partners in realtime!

Wholesale Status Page

The Service Status Page is updated in realtime based on our state of informations. As status changes may occur anytime even without prior notice to us, there is no guarantee for the accuracy of any displayed service status.

“Sharing is caring” and “Time is money” were the essential principles we had in mind when creating our new Status Service and we hope this will be another big step in the ongoing efforts to maximize the speed and reliability of all Unlocking Services.

Got any ideas how to improve our service? Let us know, we are highly interested in all your ideas!


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